Sowing your seed gift today will help us continue ministry to the 
masses.  We thank you for whatever the amount of the seed gift 
you sow.  We honor God for your donation and pray for a favorable return,

Principles for Giving

Your giving should be intentional and PLANNED.
Give with your financial awareness in mind, and be purposeful in giving consistently.

2 Your giving should have PASSION.
Always give “in the right spirit,” cheerfully, and generously.

3 Your giving should have PURPOSE.

Give purposefully with understanding that your gift is helping to impact lives reached through
this ministry every day. You gift leaves your hand but never leaves your life.

When you click on the button below, it will take you to a secure site through PAYPAL
that allows you to give with ease.  In NO case, does Prayer Temple SEE, SHARE
your financial information.