The Body of Christ sometime confuses signs and wonders with the "spooky!"  Praying for a saint has now become a show where a person has to fall out on a stage.  Catchers (those who catch those who fall back) have become full time positions.  The oil for anointing has been replaced with a prophetic word that may not be quite prophetic.

Speaking in tongues for personal edification has become stage presentations for the masses. Church has become spooky.  

Isn't it interesting to note, that Jesus performed most of his miracles with the WORD.  Isn't it also interesting that NOBODY fell back, fell out, fell in......when Jesus administered healing.  Why do we?  Why do we need extras? At Prayer Temple, the WORD is the main thing.

Your healing, your deliverance, your breakthrough....will come through the WORD...and nothing else! 

For those who need the extras, we are very comfortable, recommending another ministry that will suit and meet your needs.  

Our ministry success has come from the premise of "keep it simple!"  We have seen our members healed of cancer, sickness and disease, financial difficulty and many other maladies.  Our 1st family even walked away from a head on collision car accident in 2012. So we believe in miracles, signs and wonder........we just don't believe it has to be spooky.

At Prayer Temple, you get REAL results from a REAL word........for your REAL problems.  TO GOD be the glory!