Ministry Leadership
Over 20+ ministries to meet all of your needs!

Ministries & Leaders
Deaf Ministry - Sis. Debbie Jackson
Membership Services - Sis. Grace Johnson
Greeting Ministry - Sis. Cheryl 
Ushers Ministry - Sis. J. Patterson
Bus Ministry -  Dea. Bobby Daniels
Kitchen Ministry - Sis. B. Johnson
Marriage Ministry - 1st Lady Johnson
Mission Ministry ~ Missionary Montgomery
Evangelism Ministry - Sis. Daniels
Praise & Worship Ministry - Minister John Johnson
Music Ministry - Bro. Antonie Powe
Teaching Ministry - Dea. G. Tate
Media Ministry - Bro. H. Heyward
Children's Ministry - Sis. Ovetta White
Deacon Ministry - -Dea. J. Spears
Intercessory Prayer Ministry - Evangelist Smith  
Security/Parking Lot Ministry ~ Bro. Sarge
Financial Ministry - Trustee H. Smith
Dance Ministry -  Sis. Anna Bro
Evolution (Youth Pastor/Ministry)  -  Rev. Brian Valentine
Mother's Board - Mother Carter
Men's Ministry - Bro. Cecil Elder
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